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Dominican Republic Food & Drink: A Photo Diary


My friend Noel & I sampling rum at the Rum & Sugar Cane Museum- a family recipe and family run!


Fresh caught lobster at La Playita Beach


Fresh caught grilled fish and limes (they are extra small in DR) at an outdoor beach side restaurant in Las Galeras


Buffet lunch seconds at Isla Saona- watermelon, pineapple, tomato, fried fish


Tres Leches cake at Adrian Tropical restaurant in Santo Domingo


Cafeteria menu near our hostel in Santo Domingo- you can get the plate of the day for a few dollars ($2 or 3 if I remember right). On Wednesday the plate of the day was rice, beans, steamed veggies, and chicken.


Adrian Tropical menu from Santo Domingo


Beach side restaurant in Las Galeras- rice and beans, tostones (fried smashed plantains), grilled fish and limes


Fresh squeezed passion fruit juice


Cheers! Noel and I drank Presidente beer with some friends we met at the hostel on a Saturday night


For about $2-3 I got a bunch of tostones (fried smashed plantains) , fried chicken tenders, and juice at a pica pollo fast food restaurant in Santo Domingo a few blocks from the musuem of modern art


Fresh pineapple from the German couple at our hostel in Santo Domingo. Amazing!


Chokis. Like crunchy Chips Ahoy cookies. I went to the Colmado (corner market) and asked him what the best cookies they had were. He showed me several varieties of Chokis and I bought them all.


Cafeteria food


Fresh papaya. Delicious.


“Coco loco” at the beach- coconut water with rum. Sometimes they add ice, lime juice, or coconut milk. If you ask, after you drink it all, they will chop open the coconut so you can scrape out all the flesh to eat. Costs about $2-4, depending on the beach.


Mofongo combi- Mashed plantains and pork rinds with grilled beef on the side. I also got cheese empanadas which came with a parsley lime sauce. From Adrian Tropical. The whole meal was around $10 including juice, a little bit of soup, cake, and what you see here.


Pan de coco- coconut bread. Most likely contains wheat flour, but tasty.


Fried fish, rice, tostones, fried eggplant, and beans. Beach restaurant at La Playita beach, Las Galeras.

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