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Spanish for Dog Lovers

Check out this guest video over at Better in Spanish on 3 phrases for dog lovers! Thank you, Lidia!

I'd love to know in the comments, ¿cómo se llama tu perro?

What are Some Spanish Idioms? With Spanish Teacher Lidia

Today we have a guest video from Lidia of Better in Spanish ( and

She shares 3 ways to say you got something for free in Spanish, using idioms from Spain!

3 Spanish Tips for Beginners

Thank you to Mariela in Spanish for allowing me to do a guest video on three tips for beginners who are learning Spanish! Muchas gracias!

What's your advice for beginners?

Venezuela Travel with Mariela in Spanish

Mariela in Spanish shares about Venezuelan culture in Spanish!

Connect with Mariela:

10 Free Ways to Improve Your Spanish Listening Skills – Spanish Tips

For many Spanish learners, reading and writing comes a lot easier than listening and speaking. That's why I've assembled a list of some of my favorite FREE ways to practice your listening skills (with suggestions from other Spanish learners, too).

  1. Speak Better Spanish YouTube Channel, where I upload multiple new videos every week
  2. Join in a weekly bilingual live stream in the Speak Better Spanish Hangout facebook group.
  3. Tune in for weekly videos with travel tips and Spanish vocab on Instagram! I occasionally feature other Spanish teachers in my weekly videos, too!
  4. Join me for other Spanish videos and live streams on facebook
  5. Listening to music in Spanish on YouTube. I gathered some of my favorite songs from some of my favorite artists in Spanish, as well as suggestions from other Spanish learners to create this playlist of 48 songs and counting.
  6. Watch videos from other YouTube creators in Spanish. I've compiled a list (with the help of other Spanish learners) of some of the best YouTubers in Spanish here. It's important to listen to speakers from a variety of countries and regions as accents will vary.
  7. Listen to music in Spanish on Pandora or Spotify. Here are some of my favorite playlists on Pandora:
    Latin Workout Radio
    Reggaeton Radio- a form of dance music of Puerto Rican origin, characterized by a fusion of Latin rhythms, dancehall, and hip-hop or rap
    Latin Hits Roadtrip
    Pop Latino
    Zumba Fitness
    ​Whatever your preferred genre of music, there's probably a Spanish version. My friend Jenn even enjoys Gospel music in Spanish on Pandora!
  8. Listen to the radio in Spanish. You might have to find a few minutes tuning the dial to find a local station, but even listening to advertisements in Spanish is great practice! Plus, hearing songs repetitively will help you to pick up words and phrasing.
  9. Watch TV in Spanish. Whether it is cartoons, telenovelas, shows or movies on Netflix, Caso Cerrado, sports, news, or something else, there's plenty of variety! Your best bet is to watch shows or movies that were originally created in Spanish (rather than created in English and translated to Spanish). If you must use subtitles, use only Spanish subtitles to prevent yourself from just reading along in English. Even if you feel like you don't understand anything, just keep watching. Your brain is probably picking up more than you give it credit for.
  10. Listen to podcasts in Spanish. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, there are helpful free podcasts out there for you to continue your Spanish listening practice! Check out the blog post I wrote with how to get started with podcasts and suggestions for each level here.

    What's your favorite way to hone your Spanish listening skills? Let me know in the comments!

    If you want to take your Spanish skills to the next levellearn more about working with me in a one on one online setting for conversation sessions or personalized lessons!

15 Minute Conversation Session With Gayle

Gayle has been working with me for a month to improve her Spanish speaking and listening skills through conversation, in preparation for an upcoming trip to Latin America. Join in the fun on one of our 15 minute immersion simulation conversations as we chat in Spanish.

Learn more and work with me with personalized online conversation sessions for all levels:

Spanish For Travel- Last Week in Images

Luna llena 🌕 en Playa Del Carmen 🌴🏖

Full moon in Playa Del Carmen

This lovely photo was submitted by Speak Better Spanish Hangout Facebook group member @chesterwillger for Facebook Group Friday! If you have photos from Spanish speaking countries, I'd love to feature them! Submit your photos here with#FBGFriday for a chance to be featured on my IG & FB:

TBT to our adventure immersion trip in the DR in November. @jaybrams15 took this awesome shot as @mz_heather_ and @khhill73 and I were trekking our way to a hidden cave with our guide @bernabe94_rt

That day was one of everyone's highlights of the trip. We rode horses 🐎 to a 360 view of Cabo Samaná, rode to a farm where they had cooked delicious fresh local cuisine for lunch 🐔🍗, rode to a deserted beach with crystal clear water for swimming, shells for collecting, and coconuts for drinking 🌴🥥, hiked up to an overlook of the beach, and explored a cave. Truly a great memory with a great group! Stay tuned for announcements on a 2019 adventure immersion trip to the DR!

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Por vs Para – A Brief Intro

In this facebook live stream I answer questions I received from Spanish students that week. We discuss repuesta/respuesta, por and para, miedo/mierda/mientras/mentiras and more!

Join me for the next live stream Q&A session for Spanish learners:

Bilingual Live Stream With Spanish Learners

Join us in a weekly chat where we catch up on our lives. We talk about our evenings, dinner plans, weekend plans, ask Spanish questions, and get to know each other.

Join the next one:

Bilingual Behind the Scenes with Hannah- Have Tea With Me

Hannah the Spanish teacher goes behind the scenes and shares in Spanish and English what she's learned about being a Spanish teacher, about her weekend, and asks for your advice on something important!

Want more live streams? Join the free Speak Better Spanish Hangout facebook group for lots more Spanish learning resources including weekly live streams. 

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