Discussing Likes and Dislikes

Discussing Likes and Dislikes

We've all heard the term 'me gusta' or 'no me gusta' in reference to discussing likes and dislikes. Maybe you've even said it yourself when you really liked something or when you really didn't like something. It's important to know why we use 'me gusta' instead of 'yo gusto,' or 'te gusta' instead of 'tu gustas,' as well as how to use 'nos gusta' and 'le gusta' and how to negate these phrases! Below are some examples using me, le, te, and nos.

Examples of Discussing Likes and Dislikes

Me gusta la fresa - I like the strawberry
Me gustan las fresas - I like the strawberries
No me gustan las frutas - I don't like fruits
Yo no me gusta la fresa - I don't like the strawberry

A ella le gusta la casa- She likes the house
Le gustan las casas - She likes the houses
No le gusta la casa - She doesn't like the house
A ella no le gustan las casas - She doesn't like the houses

¿Te gusta el libro? - Do you like the book?
¿Te gustan los libros? - Do you like the books?
¿No te gusta leer? - You don't like to read?
¿A ti no te gusta el libro? - You don't like the book?
¿María, no te gustan los libros? - María, you don't like the books?

Nos gusta la película - We like the movie
Nos gustan las películas - We like the movies
No nos gusta mirar películas - We don't like to watch movies
No nos gustan las películas - We don't like movies

After reviewing the above examples, check out this link for more about gustar and other verbs like it.

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