Facebook Live Spanish Chat- All Levels Welcome!

Join me for an informal Spanish chat for all levels- free! Let's get to know each other in Spanish! Ask questions in a supportive and encouraging environment. Get practice writing in Spanish and listening. Boost your confidence.

You can drop in anonymously and view the video right here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1880508425558368/. I can't see who is watching unless you choose to comment. If you want to participate in conversation, that's great too! All you have to do to participate is click the link to join the FB group and then at the scheduled time click the live streaming notification when I start the video!

If you can't make it live and have questions, just email them to me (hannah@speakbetterspanish.com) and I'll answer them on the video, which will be available for replay. These have been a lot of fun and a great opportunity to practice Spanish for free in the past. Hope to see you!

Check for upcoming dates and times.

Recently, these events have been held on a weekly basis on Thursday evenings from 8:15-8:45 pm Central US time, but that schedule may change in the future.

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About the Author Hannah

With over ten years of teaching experience, Hannah Pinkerton helps students of all ages and skill levels gain the confidence and language abilities to speak Spanish with native speakers, through online personalized sessions and adventure immersion trips to Spanish speaking countries. Hannah teaches Spanish with patience and passion. As a native English speaker, she understands the difficulties faced by English speakers learning Spanish. With personalized Spanish sessions over video chat, Hannah can pinpoint areas of difficulty and tweak lessons to your learning style, background, and goals. She can help form and fine tune your Spanish abilities, regardless of your age or level of previous Spanish knowledge. Hannah is a Spanish teacher and digital nomad based in Alabama.

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