1. How did you become fluent in Spanish?
Check out my About page for the whole story!

2. Do you teach Latin American Spanish or Castellano from Spain, and what's the difference?
I can teach both. Unless the student specifically requests Castellano, I teach Latin American Spanish, as it is more prevalent in the US. Reasons to learn Castellano from Spain would include Spain travel plans or friends/family/work in Spain. The main difference is the accent that Castellano has, plus the use of the plural informal you vosotros. There are other minor vocabulary and word usage differences as well.

3. If I don't conjugate a verb correctly, will I still be understood in Spanish?
Yes, even if your spoken Spanish is not 100% correct, native speakers can almost always understand your point. Don't fret if you haven't mastered conjugations or feel uncomfortable when conversing in Spanish. Practice makes perfect. Just like when non-native English speakers speak in English, native Spanish speakers generally will appreciate your efforts to communicate and will not be nit picking and judging your skills.

4. I can't roll my r's. Can I still speak Spanish?
Yes, you can absolutely still speak Spanish even if you can't roll your r's. For me, rolling my r's came a few years into learning Spanish, without me doing anything differently. One day I couldn't roll them and the next day I could. Just pronounce the "rr" sound to the best of your ability and you will be understood.

5. This seems like a lot of money and I'm worried I won't have time to commit to lessons with my busy schedule. Should I wait until later when I have more time?
Many of us lead very busy lives, and never seem to have "more time" available. If you are interested in learning Spanish, I encourage you to make it a priority now. If you wait for the perfect time, that time may never come. I have worked with students that are single parents and travel often for work, students that juggle multiple jobs and going back to school, and all kinds of other very busy routines. Those students committed to learning Spanish and made it a priority, and were able to fit it into their schedules, and I believe you can too!

6. Is online language learning effective?
Yes, online language learning can be very effective. In fact, I've been teaching and tutoring for over ten years, with only the last two years being online. In my experience, online teaching is more effective because we can share online notes that are more easily organized, share screens, record lessons, and so much more without having to dig around and flip pages in books which can take time away from the lesson.

7. How is online language learning different from in person lessons?
The main difference is you can learn from the comfort of your own home and utilize the benefits of technology, while easily scheduling and adjusting the schedule from your computer!

8. I'm nervous to speak Spanish. Is this a good fit for me?
I totally understand where you are coming from. I used to be nervous to speak Spanish, too! I pride myself on being patient and encouraging, and focus on helping my students build up confidence in their Spanish speaking abilities. No matter how far along in your Spanish studies you are, I can help you get more confident and comfortable speaking!

9. I don't think my Spanish is advanced enough to take personalized lessons. How much Spanish should I know before working with you?
Great news! You can know as few as 0 words of Spanish to work with me- there's no minimum Spanish knowledge requirement. I have worked with students of all different levels and helped them to progress to the next stage in their Spanish learning journey. So no matter where you are or where you think you "should" be, I can definitely help you out!

10. How are your lessons different from free options like DuoLingo or other websites and apps?
The main advantages of my lessons over free resources like DuoLingo is that my lessons are totally personalized to your background and goals AND they provide built in accountability. So if we need to spend an hour speaking Spanish, or practicing conjugations, or doing examples of por/para, we can do any of those things! I can catch mistakes in action before they become muscle memory. I can answer questions as they present themselves. I can provide resources and additional exercises based on the student's struggles and successes. Additionally, I check in with my students on a regular basis to see how they are doing, answer any questions they have, and remind them to schedule their next lesson. Consistency is key and something I really encourage for anyone learning Spanish.

11. I'm a(n) elementary school/middle school/high school/home school/college student and I need some help with my assignments. Do you do tutoring?
Yes, I do! Click here for more details. I've tutored all levels from elementary through college for many years and I'm happy to help you as well!

12. I studied Spanish years ago in high school and/or college but I don't remember much. Can you help me?
I can definitely help you out to refresh those skills and add on to them too! Many of my students learned Spanish at some point in the past, and have found that language is a "Use it or lose it" skill, but it comes back with practice. Click here for more details.

13. I have never studied Spanish before and don't even know ten words in Spanish. Are personalized lessons right for me?
Absolutely! I'm happy to help you build up that Spanish knowledge, even if you are starting from 0! I've worked with numerous students starting out at this level.

14. I have a trip coming up in a few weeks to a Spanish speaking country. Can you help me?
Definitely! Even if you only have a few weeks to go, I'm happy to help bring you up to speed with at least some basic phrases to get around and practicing some dialogues. Depending on your background and time frame, we may be able to advance beyond that, too!

15. I can't seem to stick with studying Spanish on my own. How will it be different with you?
I encourage my students to schedule lessons with me on a regular basis. Even if the only thing you are doing is meeting with me, that is much better than doing nothing at all. Over time, by consistently meeting with me, you can build momentum to incorporate other Spanish learning practices. I'm happy to make suggestions of small habits you can build that will fit into your routine and work for your learning style.

16. What exactly will we learn in these personalized lessons?
We can cover a variety of topics. Lessons include listening practice, conversation, question and answer, practice exercises, grammar topics, verb conjugations, vocabulary building, and more! At the end of each lesson we do a recap, discuss homework, and discuss what we will cover during the next lesson. Lessons are flexible to whatever will be most helpful to you that day!

17. I have a friend that wants to learn Spanish. Can I tell them about you?
Absolutely! Referrals are the best way for small buiness to grow and I really appreciate recommendations! Plus, check out my referral program!

18. I can't afford your prices. Can you help?
I have a variety of pricing options, including pay as you go starting at $10 USD! If none of those options work for you, sign up for my newsletter for special promotions and giveaways. I also offer tons of free Spanish learning resources on my website! 

19. Can I get a free trial lesson?
I do not offer free trial lessons. However, you are welcome to purchase one conversation session for $10, one lesson for $35, utilize my free resources, earn a free lesson through referrals, or book a free consultation.

20. How long does it take to learn Spanish?
This is a very difficult question to answer and depends on how much knowledge you currently have of the Spanish language, and how many hours a week you are putting in. The more time you put in weekly, the less weeks and months will be required to learn the language to fluency. 

21. I want to learn Spanish but I'm very overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Can you help?
I would be glad to help! I can assess your current knowledge and help you make a plan for how to move forward with lessons with me in conjunction with your own studies. 

22. When should I start learning Spanish with you?
If you are reading this page, you are ready to start learning Spanish with me. There's no perfect time, but if you are interested and willing, let's start now while it's on your mind! Book your free consultation here and let's chat!

23. Will it be difficult to learn to use the technology required for online Spanish lessons?
Not to worry! As long as you have an email address and a webcam (to be honest, the webcam is option, but it is helpful) we can get started! I'll send you all the instructions on what you need to install and how to join the video chat calls in advance. I'm always available via email for questions, too: hannah@speakbetterspanish.com. 

24. Do you offer family/group discounts?
Yes, I do. Learn more here.

25. I am still working on learning Spanish basics on my own. I'm not ready to speak Spanish yet. Can you help me?
Absolutely! I'll help you get comfortable speaking the Spanish you do know, and figure out how to talk your way around scenarios when you don't know the vocabulary to use. There's no perfect moment where you can suddenly start speaking- it's a great idea to start speaking right now with whatever you know and continue to practice and improve from there!

26. Who is your ideal Spanish student?
This person is technology savvy or willing to learn how to use the needed technology, and wants to work together on an ongoing basis. They consistently schedule lessons, do their homework, prepare for class, ask questions, and put themselves out of their comfort zone in order to expand their Spanish skills. They supplement our lessons with other Spanish learning exercises , and have a clear goal on what a Spanish learning success looks like for them. 

27. My question wasn't answered here!
No problem- email it to me at hannah@speakbetterspanish.com

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