How to say “I Love You” in Spanish

Have a loved one that you want to express your feelings to in Spanish? The rules change depending on whether that person is a significant other, friend, or family member. Watch this video to make sure what you say is what you mean, when you say I Love You in Spanish!

How to say I Love You in Spanish:

Te quiero = I care about you
Used for friends, extended family, and loved ones. Not used for a romantic "I love you."
Ojo (careful), querer means to want, so you might guess that te quiero means I want you (in a sexual/physical way). This is not the case!

Te amo = I (romantically) love you.
Only used with your romantic partner or immediate family members (parents and siblings).
Not used as frequently in Spanish speaking countries as it is in the US. Rather than many times a day, it might be said once a day in general in Spanish speaking countries.

Te adoro = I adore you
Used with your romantic partner as a sweet alternative to te amo.

Other Vocabulary Related to I Love You in Spanish:

Enamorarse- to fall in love
casarse- to get married
comprometerse- to get engaged
esposo/esposa- spouse
una boda- wedding
una cita- a date
el amor- love
la atracción- attraction
tener una relación- to have a relationship
convivir- to live together

Other Resources Related to I Love You in Spanish:

In the facebook group for Spanish learners that I run, I just shared this sweet love song. You can find the lyrics in Spanish here for reference.

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What's your favorite way to say I Love You in Spanish? Let us know in the comments!​

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