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I know a lot of us learning Spanish struggle to understand spoken Spanish. It’s one of the hardest parts of learning the language is listening comprehension. I’ve recently discovered podcasts and there are lots of great (free!) podcasts out there for Spanish learners! If you aren’t familiar with podcasts, basically they are audio recordings, much like a shorter version of an audio book. They can vary in length from less than 5 minutes, to 15 minutes, to an hour. They often contain educational or fun talks on different topics or interviews with experts. Here’s what you need to do to get started (you will need a smart phone or tablet and internet connection).

1. Download a free podcast app- just search the app store on your phone or tablet for podcast. I have podcast go- I really don’t think there’s much difference among them.

2. In the search bar, type in Spanish (or whatever other topic you may be interested in).

Here are some beginner & intermediate Spanish podcasts (mostly in English with some Spanish, followed by English explanations):
Coffee Break Spanish
News in Slow Spanish
Spanish Q&A
Accelerated Spanish
Beginner Spanish With Spanish Obsessed

Here are some of my favorite advanced Spanish podcasts (most of these are completely in Spanish):
Medical Spanish Podcast & Spanish Grammar Review
Español automático
learn spanish-
advanced spanish with spanish obsessed

3. Then you can “favorite” podcasts to be updated when you log into the app of their new episodes. Lots of podcasts haven’t shared anything in months- I usually don’t subscribe to those because I want something I can listen to consistently.

4. You can also add individual episodes to your playlist and come back to them later.

5. You can also download podcasts so that you can listen offline (for example while in your car or on an airplane). That’s it!

If you are a podcast listener, whether to Spanish podcasts or otherwise, I’d love to hear from you which one(s) is your favorite and why!

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With over ten years of teaching experience, Hannah Pinkerton helps students of all ages and skill levels gain the confidence and language abilities to speak Spanish with native speakers, through online personalized sessions and adventure immersion trips to Spanish speaking countries. Hannah teaches Spanish with patience and passion. As a native English speaker, she understands the difficulties faced by English speakers learning Spanish. With personalized Spanish sessions over video chat, Hannah can pinpoint areas of difficulty and tweak lessons to your learning style, background, and goals. She can help form and fine tune your Spanish abilities, regardless of your age or level of previous Spanish knowledge. Hannah is a Spanish teacher and digital nomad based in Alabama.

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