Many of us native English speakers want to learn Spanish, whether for work, because of our community, or for travel. In the ten years that I’ve been teaching and tutoring Spanish, the number one challenge I see for Spanish learners is speaking!

Sometimes when you are put on the spot in a Spanish conversation, you might forget everything you have learned. Sometimes you aren’t sure you are pronouncing something right. Maybe you forgot the exact conjugation, and would rather not make a mistake or embarrass yourself. Perhaps you understood what the Spanish speaker said, but you are having trouble expressing yourself in Spanish to reply. That’s why I’ve designed completely personalized one on one sessions over video chat- to help you build up the skills and confidence to use Spanish in conversations with native speakers without breaking a sweat.

  • What You Get
  • Benefits
  • Who this is for
-Personalized one-on-one video chat sessions

-Recorded links to re-watch session videos at any time.

-Unlimited email support to ask questions at any time.

-Accountability from an app that enables users to make commitment contracts in order to reach their personal goals- created by behavioral economists at Yale University. We can figure out and set up an achievable plan towards your Spanish success.

-Additional accountability from joining my DuoLingo Spanish learning classroom

-Access to a private facebook group of Spanish learners with regular interactive Spanish content posts

-Weekly informational Spanish learning videos

-Printable PDF guides for the most common Spanish grammar topics like por/para, preterite/imperfect, ser/estar & more (as appropriate)

-Printable PDF guides for the most common Spanish conversational topics like greetings, ordering food, weather, shopping & more (as appropriate)

-Printable PDF guides on supplemental ways to learn Spanish for free

-Virtual Spanish meetups to practice speaking with other Spanish learners

-Online Spanish flashcard app with helpful Spanish flashcards arranged by topic

-Pay through Paypal or using your checking account or any major credit card (Rates as low as $7.11 USD per 15 minute session or $28.44 USD per hour long lesson)

-A few surprises, too!


If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 28 days for a full refund!


Hour Long Instructional Lessons

  • ​Lessons are mainly focused on instruction and are English and Spanish, with the goal of becoming mostly Spanish after an intermediate level is achieved
  • Shared notes with important words and phrases which arise during lessons.
  • Topics include learning present tense verb conjugations and vocabulary, preterite and imperfect, ser and estar, por and para, the subjunctive, reflexive verbs, direct and indirect object pronouns, specific conversational themes, translations, and more
  • Optional homework of varying duration and difficulty. Examples include watching short youtube videos, listening to Spanish music, creating dialogues, creating videos for speaking practice, translations, grammar exercises and real life applications.
  • Ideal for everyone listed above, plus those with no prior Spanish experience (start from zero!)
  • Most students schedule one hour long lesson per week- rates as low as $28.44 USD per hour long lesson
  • Purchased time can be split between Hour Long and 15 Minute Sessions as desired

Fifteen Minute Long Conversational Sessions

  • ​Sessions are focused on reaching conversational fluency in Spanish and are conducted in Spanish only
  • Feel free to utilize references such as Spanish-English dictionaries, verb conjugation books, translation apps, and phrase books
  • Ask for something to be repeated, said again but more slowly, or explained differently ALL in Spanish
  • Simulate immersion in small increments
  • Topics include what you did over the weekend, how your day is going, your likes and dislikes, the weather, utilizing a particular grammatical concept, or discussing a Spanish article, show, movie, or song
  • No homework!
  • Perfect for those who already know a little Spanish and just need practice speaking!
  • Shorter but more frequent sessions. Most students schedule 4 fifteen minute long sessions per week- rates as low as $7.11 USD per 15 minute session
  • Purchased time can be split between Hour Long and 15 Minute Sessions as desired
  • Add on additional 15 minute intervals to your session to create a session lasting anywhere from 15-60 minutes


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