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Many of us native English speakers want to learn Spanish, whether for work, because of our community, or for travel. In the ten years that I’ve been teaching and tutoring Spanish, the number one challenge I see for Spanish learners is speaking!

Sometimes when you are put on the spot in a Spanish conversation, you might forget everything you have learned. Sometimes you aren’t sure you are pronouncing something right. Maybe you forgot the exact conjugation, and would rather not make a mistake or embarrass yourself. Perhaps you understood what the Spanish speaker said, but you are having trouble expressing yourself in Spanish to reply. That’s why I’ve designed completely personalized one on one sessions over video chat- to help you build up the skills and confidence to use Spanish in conversations with native speakers without breaking a sweat.



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-Spanish learners of all ages and levels

-Those who have started studying Spanish on their own, but not achieved the success they hoped for

-Those who took a few Spanish classes in high school and/or college but have not used the language much since then and want to refresh their knowledge

-Those who can carry on a basic conversation in Spanish but want to be able to speak more confidently and broaden their conversational skills

-Those who have a basic Spanish grammar knowledge but want to work on refining some of the finer points

-Those who have been studying Spanish on their own through various means but need conversational practice to continue advancing in their abilities

-Those who have future travels planned to Central America, South America, or Spain

-Those who live in a Spanish speaking area and would like to be able to communicate better within their community

-Those who have Spanish-speaking customers or coworkers and want to break the communication barrier and bring more skills to work with them

-Yes, we do Spanish tutoring for students from elementary school through college!




Hour Long Instructional Lessons

  • ​Lessons are mainly focused on instruction and are English and Spanish, with the goal of becoming mostly Spanish after an intermediate level is achieved
  • Shared notes with important words and phrases which arise during lessons.
  • Topics include learning present tense verb conjugations and vocabulary, preterite and imperfect, ser and estar, por and para, the subjunctive, reflexive verbs, direct and indirect object pronouns, specific conversational themes, translations, and more
  • Optional homework of varying duration and difficulty. Examples include watching short youtube videos, listening to Spanish music, creating dialogues, creating videos for speaking practice, translations, grammar exercises and real life applications.
  • Ideal for everyone listed above, plus those with no prior Spanish experience (start from zero!)
  • Most students schedule one hour long lesson per week- rates as low as $28.44 USD per hour long lesson
  • Purchased time can be split between Hour Long and 15 Minute Sessions as desired

Fifteen Minute Long Conversational Sessions

  • ​Sessions are focused on reaching conversational fluency in Spanish and are conducted in Spanish only
  • Feel free to utilize references such as Spanish-English dictionaries, verb conjugation books, translation apps, and phrase books
  • Ask for something to be repeated, said again but more slowly, or explained differently ALL in Spanish
  • Simulate immersion in small increments
  • Topics include what you did over the weekend, how your day is going, your likes and dislikes, the weather, utilizing a particular grammatical concept, or discussing a Spanish article, show, movie, or song
  • No homework!
  • Perfect for those who already know a little Spanish and just need practice speaking!
  • Shorter but more frequent sessions. Most students schedule 4 fifteen minute long sessions per week- rates as low as $7.11 USD per 15 minute session
  • Purchased time can be split between Hour Long and 15 Minute Sessions as desired
  • Add on additional 15 minute intervals to your session to create a session lasting anywhere from 15-60 minutes




If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 28 days for a full refund!


 Medical Doctor 


One hour with you is like six hours of studying Spanish on my own.


Spanish Major 


I decided to work with you because I prefer to work with someone and see the person’s face and lips move, and after looking over your website i could tell that you were a very nice person with the credentials to back. I love that you tailor the lessons to my needs, i would hate to have a tutor that has me learning the basics of spanish all over again. You do an excellent job


 Retired Attorney 


A great big thumbs up to Hannah!!  I've been working with Hannah for the past 6 weeks in anticipation of a lengthy trip to Nicaragua.  I was in need of some significant refreshing as well as some basics.  Hannah has been tremendous in helping me work on speaking and listening, and has been otherwise attuned to the issues that I thought were important going forward, as well as her being able to see deficiencies that I needed to work on for while I'm in a Spanish speaking country.

I've very much enjoyed the ability to work with her one-on-one virtually, which has also had the side benefit of improving my computer skills!  I look forward to working with her more after I return from Central America so that I can continue learning to speak Spanish.


 YouTube commentor


Muy buen video! Soy de México, y puedo decir que quien aprenda contigo lo está haciendo bien; tu pronunciación es realmente buena.

Very good video! I am from Mexico, and I can say that whomever learns with you is doing it right. Your pronunciation is really good.

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