Where to Stash Emergency Travel Cash

Check out this short one minute video for several ideas on sneaky places to hide emergency cash for international travel!

Plus, learn how to say cash in Spanish!

Where's your favorite emergency cash hiding spot? Let me know in the comments!

Put your Spanish knowledge and this tip to good use in Machu Picchu in October 2018! 

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With over ten years of teaching experience, Hannah Pinkerton helps students of all ages and skill levels gain the confidence and language abilities to speak Spanish with native speakers, through online personalized sessions and adventure immersion trips to Spanish speaking countries. Hannah teaches Spanish with patience and passion. As a native English speaker, she understands the difficulties faced by English speakers learning Spanish. With personalized Spanish sessions over video chat, Hannah can pinpoint areas of difficulty and tweak lessons to your learning style, background, and goals. She can help form and fine tune your Spanish abilities, regardless of your age or level of previous Spanish knowledge. Hannah is a Spanish teacher and digital nomad based in Alabama.

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